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There are at least 13,699 people at risk of homelessness across the UK.

The Government must step in to stop mass homelessness.

Right now, we’re facing a cliff edge of mass homelessness with around half a million people in rent arrears across the country, largely because of the pandemic. We know that evictions tripled after the ban ended and too many people have nowhere else to go.

We need to see the Government play their part and properly fund councils to support people to stay in their homes. Councils must commit to prioritising homelessness prevention and ensure money goes to the people who need it.

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen the numbers of people at risk of losing their home reach alarming highs. Step Change estimate that rent arrears total £360 million across the country. We need preventative action to stop homelessness and keep people in their homes.

Recent Big Issue analysis found the cost of homelessness will be over £2.5 billion to the Treasury if they don’t act now to address the rent arrears and keep people in their homes. The Government has put £65 million towards supporting people in rent arrears – but it’s simply not enough.

The measures put in place throughout the pandemic have been effective, but the trend across the country shows numbers are starting to rise. We need to ensure councils continue to build on this work and that Government provide adequate funding.

Find out how many people are presenting as homeless in your area by using the form above. It only shows the figures in England for now but you can still sign our petitioncontact your MP or get in touch via for more ways to support our Stop Mass Homelessness campaign.